Product Catalog

CJSC “OEM Group” is an engineering company that manufactures products and systems developed at partner plants. Over the years we have managed to provide a full life cycle of our products and still continue providing our customers with all the needs. The principal idea of our work is to provide our clients with a complete package of products and services - development, serial production of OEM automotive components, delivery to any point, technical support at assembling line, providing an “0 km” warranty on the manufacturer’s conveyor, 1 km warranty , including post-warranty service and the provision for spare parts during the entire life cycle of the products. The terms of requirements of further provision for spare parts within a full life cycle of the main products of the Buyer are included. Mostly we apply our products to a special, commercial cargo and passenger transport, equipment and its systems, and etc. We position ourselves as an OEM supplier.


The implementation of projects of any complexity from the selection, layout, coordination of installation, revision and organization of serial deliveries of power units, automotive components, systems, attachments and other equipment for a specific client. readme >>>