Bus AC — EPDS Series, Electric

Bus AC — EPDS Series, Electric

EPDS is a rooftop DC electric bus air conditioner driven directly by battery for 6 to 12m without DC-AC converter, cooling capacity from 18 to 40 kW, heat capacity from 15.0 to 37.0 kW. Working stably from -30℃~50℃ with heat pump technology:

  • City Bus
  • Intercity Bus
  • Coach
  • School Bus

Technical Data:

Vehicle Length (m)*6-79-129-129-12
Cooling Capacity(kW)18.030.533.040.0
Heat Capacity(kW)
Evaporator Airflow(m³/h)3200400060006000
Compressor EVS-342*EVS-342*EVS-342*EVS-34
Size(mm) LxWxH2440*1630*2402500*1920*2702750*1920*2703000*1920*270

(*) – Conditional separation is advisory in nature and depends on the climate in the country of destination.


  1. Compressor Brand: HITACHI.