Control panel

Control panel

The monitor is the control center of the lubrication system, the dynamic display oil pressure signal

  Displaying the real-time data of grease pressure, countdown of the pause interval, accumulative running cycles and fault code.

  Take pause interval set at 12 hours for example, after ignition being turned on, the LCD screen counts down remaining time in the pause interval if the time reaches 00:00, the monitor initiates the pump to pressurize the mainline, the screen starts to count the lube time. When the pressure at the end of the mainline in up to 2.6MPa, the pressure sensor transmits the signal to the monitor immediately, the ON pressure reverts to the OFF one, and the pump operates 40 seconds (AK02) or 60 seconds (AK04) until de-energized. Then the monitor counts down to the next lube cycle, and 1 is added to the cycle count.